ARTEMISIA 1.5.2 – Added a bunch of new options for the Line tools for greater control.


ARTEMISIA - Pocket Visual Editor

Extra options added for the new line tools to give users better control on the output!

  • Introduction of internal option for the tool DrawPolyLine
  • Introduction of internal option for the tool DrawPath
  • Introduction of layer option: Stroke Width, Stroke Style, Stroke Color.
  • None

Today we have made the DrawPath and DrawlPolyLine graphics tools even more powerful and intuitive!

We wanted to enhance the tools to make them easier and more controllable, but without making the interface even more cumbersome, so that it would be fast and dynamic.

Therefore, to enhance control, we introduced more dynamism in the creation options. Draw Points already created can now be selected and repositioned, either manually or by numerical input.

In addition, it is now possible to change the line thickness even after creating the line directly from the layer options with new powerful adjustments. You can now even add a gradient to your stroke!

Even more control for your graphics work!


ARTEMISIA 1.5.1 -Now It’s finally possibile to Import or download your drawn lines as SVG format!

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