Artemisia 1.1.0 – Rapid improvement of the UI (Desktop Version)


Artemisia - Pocket Visual Editor

Re-organization of the UI elements to ensure a smooth user experience, keeping it similar to other desktop based graphic programs

New Features
  • VectorLine tool
  • Crop Tool with Aspect Ratios
  • Cut Tool
  • Multi-Layering System
  • Mini Map - Zoom
  • Text Tool
  • Eraser (for Images)
  • Form/Shape Generator
  • Textures (Presets)
  • Correcting Colors and Button Animation (Desktop ver.)
  • Adjusting distances between buttons (Desktop and Mobile ver.)

The UI of the desktop version has gone through a rapid and general reorganization to keep it similar to other commonly used graphic software so that the user may feel at home right from the start, and intuitively go through all the common setting that Artemisia shares in common with other desktop-based software.

We kept as our compass in this transformation, the ease-of-use: it has to be simple for the user to engage and use all the tools we encapsulated here, without the feeling of being in a different place.

We hope you may enjoy!


Artemisia 1.0 – Here is a new tool for all of the digital creators, on the fly!

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