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ARTEMISIA 1.5.0 – It’s all about Lines, Polylines and Bezier! Two New powerful tools awaits!


ARTEMISIA - Pocket Visual Editor

New tools added! You can now generate vector graphics using powerful version new tools like DrawPath, DrawPolyLine and Edit path to furthermore enhance and customize your works!

  • Introduction of a New tool called "DrawPolyline"
  • Introduction of a New tool called "DrawPath"
  • New Menu Options for both tools to control the line width and color
  • None

The main reason why we created ARTEMISIA was for us to have a fast and reliable tool to do everything that in everyday digital life generally becomes necessary. Small graphics, a few sketches, a quick edit of a photo, a precise crop before posting a photo on social media. At the same time, however, using it we felt the need for more power and more control.

So for more specific graphics work such as vectorising a drawing, finishing a logo, creating a resiuable version of a project, other tools became necessary.
So here are two new tools that the most graphic designers among you will love: “DrawPolyLine” and “DrawPath”!

Both allow you to create paths. “DrawPolyLine” allows you to create and manage lines with unprecedented ease.

“DrawPath”, on the other hand, gives everyone the possibility for the first time to use paths via curves directly in a browser.

It is possible with DrawPath, depending on the pressure of the mouse/pen/trackpad, to change the type of point from line to curve, while at the same time bringing up bezier controls to allow the shape of the curve itself to be managed.

Everything has been made super-intuitive to ensure a very low learning curve and quick application of your already acquired graphical skills.
You just have to try it now!


ARTEMISIA 1.4.1 – Added a slider to control the Intensity of the Stabilization (Path nodes)

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