ARTEMISIA 1.3.0 – Introducing you a new powerful feature: “Projects”! (only for ARTEMISIA PRO)


ARTEMISIA - Pocket Visual Editor

Finally we are adding the most waited feature of all: projects! Your personal spaces on ARTEMISIA PRO

  • Introduction of Project feature!
  • New Menu Options added in File menu: "Save Project" and "Save Project As", for project management)
  • New Menu Options added in File menu: "Open". You can use it to browse among your existing projects files
  • Minor UI graphics problems

We’ve finally completed the integration of a new powerful feature: projects! Now with projects you can save your work while doing it and re-open it later whenever you want! It’s like your little on-cloud space.

Each project is private, so that other users won’t see what you are working on. Each user has it’s own personal web storage, where you can save all of your work in progress.

It’s useful when you work on multiple devices, when you have to get approved from a client or your boss, or if you are still unsure of the final results.

In order to keep ARTEMISIA PRO manageable however, the project will stay on our cloud server no more than a solar month. This means that each project will be removed the 1st of each month, as to avoid server overload (someone can inappropriately use it as a free web storage and we don’t want that).

We remind you that the “Project” feature is only available to those who have an active MGNF membership as part of its benefits. The free version of ARTEMISIA does not allow  to save your projects on cloud for storage and economical reasons.


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