Artemisia 1.2.0 – Artwork Max Resolution Improvement


Artemisia - Pocket Visual Editor

Finally the max resolution of any project as been boosted to accomodate specific size needs.

  • Canvas Max Resolution upgraded to 4.000 x 4.000 pixels
  • UI elements overlapping when using some tools (Desktop ver.)

We update the maximum resolution of the projects. With this improvement you can now work on higher dimensions which will be useful for those of you who are in need of resolution, for printing purposes or specific needs.

Artemisia will let you now interactively change the project dimensions from the project tab and you can work on a max resolution of 2000×2000. This update will keep the working load of Artemisia low enough to still run on any generic device without too much of a deal.

On the Pro version of Artemisia we are planning to fix a max resolution of 4000×4000 and then crank it up to 10k. But it will need some testing first.

Enjoy the update!


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