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What is Artemisia?

Artemisia is a pocket visual editor. It has been made with incredible craftsmanship to allow you to always have a powerful graphic software at your fingertips for your daily needs. It works without the need of installing anything and with incredible fast loading times.

Why did MGNF made it?

Magnifico (a.k.a. MGNF) made this for internal purposes since we needed a portable software with cloud storage support that would allow us to work on our graphic files without the need of licenses, download, installations and so on. After what Adobe has done to artists we decided to make a public version so the other artist as well would have an alternative to Adobe for the daily graphic works that artist may need to get done

What’s the difference with other graphic softwares?

Artemisia is free, doesn’t require installation, works directly into your browser, load like any other webpage and doesn’t crash if your connection goes offline.  It has a lightweight version of all the most commonly used tools. it has been made keeping in mind the most used and needed tools. It won’t substitute an entire suite of tools but for the artists who need to deal with common graphic tasks and needs it will be more than useful.

Is it really free?

Yes we decided to release this version for free in order to help artist with a viable alternative to Adobe, since it’s new Pro-A.I. stand that totally betrayed artists. We made this to give artist a new tool for their daily graphic needs. The only way we hope to sustain the whole thing is with ads banners.

Does it work when offline?

Yes it works, but we suggest to always keep your connection online. Artemisia loads all of its feature when the page itself loads, but it may give you problems while saving your image if you are not online. Basically it won’t lose anything if your connection goes off for a moment, but still it may be needed to ensure not to lose data while saving.

What is Artemisia Pro?

The Pro version (which) will also have other benefits like Pexels stock images easy import, premade templates, ADS-free, complete mobile support, weightless app, bigger file sizes, personal private cloud storage and much more. Artemisia PRO will be available in the future only for MGNf members.

Do you save any of my personal works data?

Absolutely and categorically no. We don’t store any of your works data since it is yours and not ours we do not collect it in anyway. We also disabled the project feature, that is instead available in Artemisia PRO, in order to both:

1- cut on storage costs

2- avoid keeping basic user data

Even when you upload an image from your pc to edit it on Artemisia it is only stored in your browser so it won’t even reach our servers.

What about Artemisia PRO? Do you store any data?

Only if you want to use the “Project” feature. In fact, In order to have a workable “Project” feature, Artemisia PRO save your work on a personal and private section of our storage which is not accessibile externally. Still in any case the author remains the owner of the work and Artemisia or Magnifico don’t have any right of using it for personal/private/business use. What we can do is only keep it online, save or move it through server and disk for availability purposes.