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Artemisia 1.0 – Here is a new tool for all of the digital creators, on the fly!


Artemisia - Pocket Visual Editor

After a few month of development here is the you the out-of-beta version of Artemisia, your free pocket visual editor!

New Features
  • VectorLine tool
  • Crop Tool with Aspect Ratios
  • Cut Tool
  • Multi-Layering System
  • Mini Map - Zoom
  • Text Tool
  • Eraser (for Images)
  • Form/Shape Generator
  • Textures (Presets)
  • None

Artemisia was born as a side project intern of Magnifico. Its purpose was to provide us with a visual editor that was manageable and reliable. A small editing platform that would allow us to solve any graphics need, wherever we were, even from mobile if necessary, but without having the hassle of installing software or moving files from one device to another.
It therefore had to be lightweight and manageable from all kinds of platforms. Therefore, we opted for a browser-based solution that could solve the problem of different operating systems and different hardware.
For file transfer, we then integrated an online storage system that would allow us to have our data available wherever we were.
For lightness we considered only the most commonly used tools, but without sacrificing their power: better few but good was our motto.

As we were pulling it together, however, we realized that this could also be a useful tool for all artists. Now digital is part of our lives and creating extra content apart from our artwork has almost become a must. Therefore, always in the spirit of our personal and universal mission to empower, tools and knowledge for artists, regardless of their creative technique, we decided to release a public version of Artemisia.

In order to be able to keep it online available for everyone, we opted for a free solution based on ads, which were not too invasive, so that anyone could use it. Of course, for those who want more access to the potential of Artemisia, we have included a PRO version for Magnifico members, as an added benefit and thanks to those who will join us, in building a better future for art than what is actually happening.

(Artemisia Pro will be released in the future; for now, enjoy the free version.)


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