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ARTEMISIA 1.4.0 – Introducing a new feature! The Pencil Stabilizer (now called “Distance Path Nodes”)!


ARTEMISIA - Pocket Visual Editor

You can now draw smooth vector line thanks to the Pencil Stabilizer (Now called "Distance Path Nodes")

  • Added option called "Stabilizer" in the Pencil tool to smooth the line out while drawing
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We had previously introduced in ARTEMISIA a fantastic new tool, the vector pencil tool (abb. pencil tool).

Its operation is different from that of a classical pencil in that the stroke can be scaled from its initial size, without loss of definition.
However, the pencil model was “resolution-based” at the time the stroke was drawn.
For this reason, if the design had a low initial resolution, the vector pencil mark could appear jagged if scaled up later.

We have now introduced a new feature, taking a cue from the leading software in the category, which allows you to stabilise the stroke and, by averaging the points of the path, thus obviating both cases of stroke shaking, due to graphics tablets or the place you are standing, and the problem of the jagged line of the vector pencil.

You can now activate the option before drawing with the vector pencil, to obtain a stroke up to 80% softer in the mark.


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