Aspect-Ratio Resizing

Quick Aspect Ratios presets for both projects and cropping tool. 

Undos And Redos

If you make a mistake you can always go back to a previous stage.

Upload your images

Upload your images from your PC. Each User has its own private space.

JPG and PNG with alpha

Salve your images both in .jpg and .png WITH transparency!

Create and Manage Projects

Create your own private projects and keep them for 30 Days. 

Vector Pencil

Vector Pencil tool is the ideal swissknife for sketching or quick corrections. 

Photo Filters

+20 Different Photo Filters for quick editing of your photos


Upload up to 10 image layers and unlimited number of vector layers

+20 Other Tools

Text tool, MiniMap, Eraser, Free form Selection, Cut-Tool, etc...

Totally Free

This tool is totally free for Magnifico's Members.